Underground Utility Locating


UtiliQuest consistently strives to exceed industry performance and safety standards. Our clients feel confident knowing that before any excavation a locate has been accurately performed, minimizing the risk of damages. UtiliQuest effectively executes each job reducing underground plant damages and allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies.

The combination of our safety culture, skilled staff, Nulca accredited training, and state-of-the-art technology gives our clients confidence that each locate will be completed in accordance with customer specifications and applicable state laws.

Industry Performance — UtiliQuest completes millions of locate requests per year with a highly reliable accuracy rating, making us the quality name in the damage prevention industry.

Advanced Technology — UtiliQuest utilizes state of the art technology, including automated wireless workforce dispatch and ticket management systems. This technology suite allows us to:

  • Assure on-time completion of locates
  • Validate technician presence at the job site
  • Visibility to the work performed by each technician
  • Review technician’s completed locates within minutes
  • Produce unalterable electronic documentation of the work performed
  • Interface with all One-Call Center systems
  • Identify root causes of damages and develop necessary training
  • Enhance process improvement initiatives

eSketch & Virtual Manifest

Drawing with an electronic locate manifest tool (eSketch) allows locate technicians to record their activities at a proposed excavation site using ortho-photography images producing the Virtual Manifest. The Virtual manifest does not replace the physical utility locate marks on the site but rather it documents those markings with American Public Works Association (APWA) color coded lines for each facility located.

Q Manager - Ticket Management

Q Manager is our automated work order dispatch and ticket management system. Our technicians can preview and organize their work while in the field, eliminating the need to return to the office. With its own integrated damage tracking and processing module, Q Manager enables us to provide valuable services to our nationwide client base, including collecting, analyzing and sharing operational data to help improve training and education.

  • Assembles, tracks and coordinates One Call Notices with support for over 150+ different ticket formats.
  • Seamless integration with many systems including Korterra, IRTH, Newtin, Geocall, Teldig, DigTrak or your own Custom Software!
  • Real time positive response to One Call Centers...including a Dual Response capability for variety of custom needs.
  • Integration with many third party applications such as Certusview’s e-Sketch platform, Omnilume, FieldCheck, or your own IT Solution.
  • We utilize state of the art cloud data centers to maintain over 100 million tickets online at any time.
  • We use a redundant Juniper Routed network with enhanced security. We are Sarbanes-Oxley compliant with oversight from world class external auditors.
  • A highly trained and dedicated IT staff with many years of experience that is dedicated to support you 24/7/365.
  • Find out more by contacting our Staff, we'd like to get to know you on a first name basis.

Q Manager Ticket Flow


EPR - Enhanced Positive Response

Enhanced Positive Response provides the excavator with documentation that is created when the locate is performed. This data can be provided through the 811 system or directly to the excavator.

PAR - Plant at Risk

The advanced software assesses facility risk associated with each locate request based on; work type, excavator damage history, utility operator facility record data, utility locator damage history and tenure. This assessment is performed both before and after underground locate activities take place. This technology allows our clients and UtiliQuest to allocate resources, as needed, based on the risk level identified.

Identification of:

  • High Risk Excavations
  • High Potential for damage excavations
  • Job Specific Risk Assessment
  • Excavator Specific Risk Assessment
  • Dashboard tracking of prevention action steps

Facility Record Documentation Services

UtiliQuest supports our clients in their safety initiatives by driving damage prevention processes to the forefront of the organization. Our clients understand that a key component in damage prevention is accurate up to date facility records. We help them collect that information with specialized technicians that focus on updating our client’s facility records. This service has proven to support their damage prevention program, reduce damages and protect the public.

  • Facility record documentation for existing underground facilities
  • Integrated real-time facility record updates
  • Multiple digital formats available

Leak Detection Services

  • Public safety
  • Reducing risk
  • Reducing loss
  • Electronic tracking findings

Gas Meter Inspection

  • DIMP Compliance
  • Facility records verification
  • Validate that service lines are electronically locatable
  • Real–time notification of deficiencies
  • Identification of abnormal operating conditions

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