Accurate, Reliable Damage Prevention

Specializing in the damage prevention industry for over three decades

UtiliQuest takes pride in its ability to adhere to industry standards that have become benchmarks for utility damage prevention: Being on time and reducing damages. Our technology and the skilled people using it are what make our locate findings so accurate and reliable.

We take a proactive approach to staying on top of the latest technologies that assist us in protecting all of the vital underground infrastructures we serve.

Several important solutions have enabled UtiliQuest to meet the challenge of processing tens of thousands of safe and accurate locates each day, making UtiliQuest a reliable provider of professional facility locating services in North America.

Some of the solutions we provide include:

Facility Damage Prevention

UtiliQuest consistently exceeds industry performance and safety standards with an incomparable record for safety, quality and accuracy. Our clients feel confident knowing that before any excavation, the locate has been performed precisely, minimizing the risk of damages.

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Plant & Leak Survey

UtiliQuest’s Leak Survey services include investigation, inspection and evaluation of gas distribution facilities. Our proven results and cost-saving leak survey services have garnered the interest of leading gas utilities which are considering outsourcing these services.

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Specialized Services

UtiliQuest offers our customers a range of other services on a temporary basis, including GPS Site Mapping, Quality Audit Programs, GPR (not available in California) , Storm Relief, Technician & Management Training

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Atlanta-based UtiliQuest, LLC is a nationwide company that provides damage prevention services to underground facility operators across the country. Partnering with each client individually to conduct safer excavations, reduce damages to their buried facilities, and lower their total cost of ownership.

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Miss Utility C.A.R.E. Message

Call Miss Utility of Virginia at 8-1-1 before you dig.
Allow required time for marking.
Respect the marks.
Excavate carefully.


Recent News

UtiliQuest is excited to announce that our Enhanced Positive Response (EPR) information packet is now available through the Maryland Miss Utility Website and Virginia 811 is providing the EPR link in their notifications.

UtiliQuest truly values our partners at Washington Gas, Miss Utility and Virginia 811 that made this possible!